An Early Inheritance

I thought one had to be know, 6 feet under, toast, gone, that after you've left this planet for the big house, your children could receive a chunk of money, some credit card debt, lots of lawyer fees, and of course, Uncle Sam's take.

Well, apparently the memo never made it to my youngest son. Upon hearing he would not be receiving an immediate replacement for his broken I-phone, nor an immediate repair for the jammed CD-drive in his relatively new I-Mac, he turns and says, "Why can't you afford it? I'm an heir and there's plenty of money for that." I almost died pun intended.

Ever hear of the book, "Spend til the End?" I'm rushing out to get it.

Have a spex-tacular day!


Kari Mitchell said…
Yes, I am looking forward to this, if I survive that long - mine is only 2.

It reminds me of a Cosby Show episode where Rudy is sad because she's made fun of for being 'rich'. Bill's quick to remind her that it is HE who is 'rich' and that, unfortunately - SHE, has nothing.
SpexyLady said…
Thanks! I will remember that one!

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