Reading Through Rose-colored Glasses

When times are tough, it helps to look at the world through rose colored glasses. And now is no exception.

Headlines scream with bad news! If you wanted to spend money, you'd be afraid to!
Thoughts of being in a soup line, begging for quarters on corners, and selling your mother's china have crossed the minds of many, I'm sure. Having been one of those muck-racking journalists a zillion years ago, I can tell you, bad news sells newspapers. Scarey headlines grab readers.

I have decided to read the news through rose-colored glasses! All I see are lots of sales, mark-downs, and coupons! There are more coupons out there from stores that wouldn't even think of sending out coupons...Ralph Lauren? J.Crew? There are discounts on discounts! This Christmas, it's easier than ever to get that special someone something they've always wanted. Go for it!

The economy is buckling under fear. Don't cave in to it. The recession, yes, is real. Lost jobs, yes, are real. But staying home with the covers pulled over our heads, won't improve the economy or help people keep their jobs. Get out there with your rose-colored glasses on and go shopping!

Have a spex-tacular time shopping!


Kari Mitchell said…
Well said, SpexyLady - I hope others can use their special spex to see the discounts!
SpexyLady said…
Thanks Kari for writing in!

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