Now that '09 is here with all the news of businesses closing, layoffs, downsizing, etc. it seems like a good time to think about how we spend our money.

We have choices every day. One of my goals for 2009 is to rattle chains on customer service, whether it's Neiman Marcus or my local nail salon. Customer service is more important than ever before. No one in business right now, this minute, can afford to take even one teeny-tiny little customer for granted...yet businesses are! Un-Be-lievable!

We have a "vote"...a choice of who we shop with, hand over our precious dollars to, and to those who don't honor that, who take that very valuable choice we all have for granted...good riddance!

I don't mind spending an extra dollar for good customer service, a value-added product or service, but what I do mind is spending that extra dollar for mediocre or poor service.

It's your money...more meaningful today than ever. This is truly the best time perhaps in history to register our complaints, demand good service, and let those business establishments know you will trot ourself out the door and take your business elsewhere if you are not given good service.

One good thing about all this economic upheaval is that the cream will rise to the top. It always does. And painfully, our current economic woes will necessarily flush out the ego-inflated, over-priced and under-servicing businesses that have characterized the last 3-5 years. What we'll have left are the real merchants, the real bankers, and the real hoteliers and restauranteurs who will be thrilled to see you.

I'm looking forward to these spex-tacular days ahead!


Tara said…
Love this post! So true! ♥
SpexyLady said…
Thanks Tara for writing in!

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