Never-the-less It Works!

Kids are persistent. Some kids are so persistent and relentless, you know you'll be reading about them someday as a famous trial lawyer. Today, though, if you have teenagers, Persistent and Relentless are two twins you'd rather send to Siberia!

Here's a tip from a very wise and shrewd parenting authority. When Tiffany says she wants to go to a party where you do not know the parents, or the kids she's going with, the word "NO" usually brings on a barrage of every reason why she should be allowed to go..."all the other mothers are letting them go," etc. Rather than get into an escalating shouting match, try this.

"Never-the-less, Tiffany, I said NO." and keep using "Never-the-Less" as a response to the million and one reasons she'll have for why she should go. Using "Never-the-less" is a way to keep you focused, and to steeling you against the buttons that they'll push, the rants that they'll rave, and the tears that will be shed.

Keep those spex on so you can see straight during the topsy-turvy teen years. They may resist you now, but never-the-less they'll thank you later for keeping them safe.

Spex-tacular parenting takes Spex-tacular strength!


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