Sweet Stuff

As a recovering Oreo-addict, Spexy Lady has had to seek new sugar-free sources to satisfy her sweet tooth! Sugar is no friend when it comes to battling the bulge!

While rolling my way through the local supermarket, yours truly discovered a chocaholics dream among the variety of Jello Pudding cups hugging the shelves.

Jello Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Pudding!A mere 60 calories, 0 sugar, 13 grams of carbs, and only 1.5 grams of fat!

Next stop, the ice cream aisle and what should I find but Blue Bunny Health Smart vanilla fudge bars made with Splenda! Just 60 calories and zip fat! Just the thing for curling up and watching one of those Saturday night Lifetime Movies.

As more and more of us swear off sugary sweets and desserts for health and diet reasons, the food world is coming up with some pretty fab ways to keep us happy but not fat! I'm always on the look out now in the snack and beverage aisles, frozen food and dairy section.

Want to make your own sugar-free concoctions? Snag a bag of Swerve, an all-natural sugar substitute that measures and bakes just like the real thing! It's a patent-pending blend of Erythritol and natural flavors that has zero calories, fat, and sugars, and only 5g of carbs per teaspoon. Love, love, love it in my flourless chocolate cake recipe!

Stay tuned for more sweet talk, sweet ones!


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