Give for Good

Aha moment! I'm a giver...alot of women I know are. And I'm finding out that the Giver Software programmed in my brain some time ago needs to be deleted, zapped, melted, removed from the "programs" list and re-worked. It appears to be faulty.

How many times do we give to our kids, our spouses, significant others--you name 'em -- with the underlying motive of guilt, to please, to manipulate, to apologize? That's the software that's been playing in my computer brain!

How about giving for good cause, because it makes another feel good, because it just feels good. Give freely, give joyously. What a concept!

I'm learning how to give software inserted.

When going through the grocery store, I'll pick up something special for one of the boys, just because it feels good, or it will bring a smile, not to assuage my thorny guilt because I was late picking him up from school on his birthday, or I missed an important soccer game, or over-reacted when he let the dog in with muddy feet.

To paraphrase the great Thomas Merten, I am working on staying "faithful to awareness." Aware of why I give, when to give, and when to hold back.

Think about it. And give spex-tacularly!


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