In The PINK! either love it or hate it. Seems like it conjures up all sorts of Barbie, Pepto-Bismal, Mary Kay Cadillacs, '60s lipstick, etc.

I admit it. I'm a Pinkanista. It's one of my favorite's happy, it's a color of "protection," it's feminine, it's witty, it's flattering to the skin tone in the right shade. And I've found the perfect pink-thinking interior designer/lamp designer--Kathleen Allen, owner of Etu Verite' in Dallas, and at Casadelino.

Good news for pink-aholics! Pink is popping up now in haute home decor! My style-savviest pal in New York is doing her entire living and dining room in pink! Elle Decor is featuring living rooms, dining rooms, on drapes, cushy sofas, and scatterings of pillows. It goes sleek and modern with blacks, white or grays, or goes totally Baroque with touches of gold, filigree details and damask patterns, or country in pink florals and ginghams.

Consider adding a little sweetness to your life...Pink is a wonderful way to freshen up a bedroom, bath, or even add that punch of whimsy to a stale living room. Pinks come in all shades...I'm sure you'll find yours!

Spex-tacularly in the PINK!


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