Closet Strategy

You'd be living on Mars if you didn't know there was a recession out there...a big one.

Unemployment hovers at close to 10%, over 500,000 people lost jobs in the month prior, add to that the number of high school and college kids on the street trying to get summer jobs that their friend's father is applying for because he was laid off.

Now what does that have to do with your closet?

If you're out there looking for a job, pondering a career change, recently laid off, recently divorced and need to jump back into the work force...take a look at what your closet says about you.

Do you really think those cute baby doll tops are going to fly in a job interview?
And what about that great boob top with the V-neck that your gal pals tell you makes you look 10 years younger. Or the tight jeans with just the right butt lift?

Getting a job today is more competitive than the Olympics. Not only is your resume important, as well as your degree, your experience, your contribution to someone's bottom line, but also how your look is part of that "resume".

David Wolfe, one of the top fashion trend watchers in America, and a frequent speaker at Fashion Group International events, tell us the Interview Suit is making a return. Why? Because you, we, them on the street looking for work, a job, a career need all the help we can get.

Packaging ourselves to sell is more important now than ever before.

Looking professional, polished, and smart in the right suit, dress or ensemble can make the difference between that dowdy MBA, and professionally dressed you with the BA and the MBA in process (read that "future").

Go back to your closet. What's in it. Anything in there that would make someone say, "I gotta hire that woman!" If not, it's time to go shopping and find a sales consultant you can trust, a mentor, a lifestyle coach, or simply someone whom you admire as always looking so put together. You don't have to spend a fortune...whether you're a Neiman's shopper or Marshall's maven, looking professional, competent, and more importantly...competitive...doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. (No you do not need that $1500 designer "It" bag to impress a potential boss! Quite the contrary!)

And if you're stumped, Spexy Lady works 24-7 and is happy to help with any and all of your closet conundrums. (The closet doctor is in at

Dress spex-tacularly. And go get 'em!


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