SPEX-ENOMICS: Budgeting for Dummies

Math has never been Spexy Lady's strong suit. Nor has budgeting for that matter. As long as there was plenty left over every month for a mani and pedi, no worries, yes?

However...the gold-buckled patent leather belt has just been tightened. Spexy Lady is now a Recessionista, a stylish one no less, and SALE is her favorite four-letter word. Spexy Lady is on a budget...gasp!

A nifty new on-line site called Mint.com (http://www.mint.com/) has made budgeting a breeze. It's positively secure, accurate and up-to-the-minute, and it has the credibility of being touted by The Wall Street Journal. Mint.com does everything for me, updates expenses, alerts me with an e-mail when I'm over budget, and has a category for just about everything you might spend...there's "fast food" for my always hungry sons, there's personal care for spa time, and even a pet category to track my four-legged companions' trips to the puppy-parlor.

It's just too easy for words! Now, I have a new obsession...beat the budget. Anything extra goes to satisfy a craving for all things Manolo. Simple Spex-enomics!


Joyce said…
Thanks for sharing mint.com with us. I've been meaning to visit it and your blog was the perfect reminder!

Appreciate it!
Joyce Bone

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