Not Your Average BBQ

Spexy Lady loves her BBQ! We're thinking barbecued chicken 'n ribs, that are sticky-finger sensational. The kind that has you digging around for a pile of napkins and hopefully sitting next to someone who will wipe the tell-tell drips off your chin. I find that such a romantic gesture!

But here's a new one for the be-spectacled out of the way fabulous discovery shared by a friend. This little place reminded me of China Town in New York where I sat eating dim sum one Sunday afternoon with a die-hard New Yorker. It took me back to my 10-day trip to Hong Kong and the side streets where chickens hung like curtains in the windows of restaurants and grocers.

This was truly a find...I didn't want to leave it. Everything smelled wonderful...the dishes were fresh, spiced to perfection, and as authentic as you'd find in Singapore. The decor and music set the mood, and I was ready to book a flight right then and there for the Orient...but then I had a deadline, two dogs, a son at home, and I hadn't made my bed that day.

Oh...I forgot to mention...this little bit of China heaven is called Joy Luck BBQ just North of the intersection of Coit Rd. and Park Blvd. It's worth the drive ...where ever you are. And yes, they do have barbecued ribs on the menu! It's at the top of my list of faves!

Enjoy a spex-tacular time at Joy Luck!


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