Steamed to a Tee

You can never have too many shoes, diamonds or ... T-shirts.

There's nothing like popping on a smooth, never-worn cotton tee with your best butt-beautifying jeans. Not a wrinkle anywhere. Sleek, clean, smart. That's how a T-shirt should shine.

Sadly, our brand-spanking new T-shirt is a one-show wonder. There are no encores for that smooth, off-the-rack look once Cotton Tee has taken a tumble through the washer and dryer.

At least that's how it was in my house before I purchased the best appliance since the microwave...a standing steamer that has put a smile on the face of every one of Spexy Lady's T-shirts! I never thought I'd part with almost $200 for something that looked that ugly...but looks are deceiving. My Jiffy 2000 has won my heart...and saved my tees from early termination.

All it took was a few swipes of the steamer across necklines, sleeves, fronts and backs, and those tumbled tees came to life! Little nubbies that cover some less-expensive cottons (Don't ya just hate those on your T-shirts?) vanished under the steam heat. Within minutes, my tees were transformed.

No need to hit The Gap or Banana Republic to load up mid-season on more tees in every color, and double up on whites. Even better, my ever-ready steamer cuts down on trips to my local dry cleaner for pressing once-worn pants, skirts and jackets too wrinkled to wear twice.

And steamer has been known to revive clean khakis stowed wrinkled under my son's bed!

Who would have thought? I even dream of steaming!


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