Spex-enomics vs Suze Orman

Every time Spexy Lady turns on PBS or Oprah and Suze Orman shows up, beating up on another unsuspecting couple who want to know if they can afford to ... you name it...re-do the bathroom, buy a new (used) car, take a vacation, get married, have a funeral, bear children, have surgery, get lipo, send the kids to college, etc. etc. Spexy Lady's eyes cross behind her bright red spex!

Now Suze does indeed offer tidbits of wisdom...like marrying someone with similar financial values, or keeping the creditors from your door by not running up your all credit cards to the limit and then holding your breath til the tooth fairy comes to pay them all off.

What turns Spexy Lady on tilt is what Suze DOESN'T talk about when it comes to credit and credit cards. Her message to those poor unsuspecting masochists who sign up for their 15 minutes of fame on her show or Oprah's, is that all credit is bad, bad, bad. No debt, no debt, no debt, no debt.

Great idea? I don't agree.

Did anyone send that message to The White House or Congress? Did anyone send that message to the titans of business or the Masters of the Universe on Wall Street?

Credit is what makes the wheels on our world go 'round and 'round...'round and 'round...'round and 'round...

Imagine what would happen to the businesses in America if ALL of them joined the Suze Orman No Debt Club...do you think there would be businesses adding employees, building new buildings, adding new divisions, doing more research to find cures for cancer, expanding internationally, training new people? Not.

The same principles employed in business, apply to the business of You and Me. But most people haven't gotten that memo yet.

In the next upcoming Spex-enomics columns, Spexy Lady is going to take aim at the
NO DEBT SCHOOL of SUZE ORMAN. Sorry Suze, I love you, but it's time to share the wealth.

Stay tuned for some Dirty Spexy Money Tips!


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