The Big D...and not Dallas

Spexy Lady is forever fighting The Battle of the Bulge. Call it genes (Thanks mom!) it "the change" it nutrition. With all the green leafy stuff I'm eating these days, I'm sure I'll turn into a rabbit anytime soon.

But there's some nutritional info out there to fight fat that many of us may not know about. It calls for upping our Vitamin D intake. Spend a few minutes with nutritional guru Laura Lewis (you see her on Veria TV or may remember her from her Nature Made commercials), and she'll tell you that there is a relationship between metabolism and Vitamin D. Many of us are not getting enough in our diet or through Mr. Sunshine. Exactly my problemo! Too little could be contributing to Spexy Lady's "muffin top" dilemma!

Off we trotted to our local pharmacia to buy a big, and I mean BIG! bottle of Vitamin D. We're starting off with 2000 milligrams a day. Good news too, Vitamin D is good for bone health. (While Spexy Lady was on her New York country sabatical, she wound up seriously deficient in Vitamin D...not surprising since winters in New York are hardly known for sunshine!!!)

Vitamin D is inexpensive, easy to find at your local Whole Foods or drug store, and it can make a difference in how you look and feel. What a smart weapon to battle the bulge! And we need all the weapons we can get!!

Have a D-lightful week!


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