Spexy Lady has not dropped off the end of the earth.

Nor has she taken an extended vacation somewhere exotic and fashionable like St. Tropez.

Spexy Lady is ....gasp...working! Not shopping 'n dining, or popping into the latest cocktail soiree.
And Spexy Lady's other job as ...very cool, very hip, totally indulgent, adoring mom of two handsome sons...has kept her busy since November and her named sons departed for their college lives just weeks ago, leaving mom to clean up the dirty socks, and various and sundry surprises young men leave behind at home (which will remain un-named).

New Year finds us thoughtfully focused on the '10s, another decade, and wondering as Daniel Pink, NY Times best-selling author of "Drive" says, "What is your sentence?"

Is it "She is a fashion passionate, mother of two sons, and ardent mentor of women-owned businesses"? Or perhaps, "She is ever-evolving in search of 'What is her sentence?' til death does she part? Meaningful stuff to ponder in this new year of an upside down world, where nothing seems safe, sacred or sound...kind of living on Jell-O Land.

Wishing all a
Spex-tacular New Year
finding your own
special Sentence!


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