Spexy Lady had her first full blown hair emergency. And if the quick-thinking master colorist at Toni and Guy hadn't figured it out, she could have ended up with no hair at all!

Over-processing hair is the worst thing you can do to your locks, and that's exactly what happened. A prior colorist used what she called an organic hair color, only to find out it wasn't. It appeared to have henna in it...permanent natural hair color used as far back as Cleopatra, but a disaster when mixed with traditional oxidating color found at most salons. My hair went from auburn with highlights to dark brown with stripes of black and chunks of old highlights. (That's attractive! Fortunately, I haven't had any dates yet...another story.)

After shampooing with a red color shampoo--hoping to return my hair to its highlighted auburn original shade--the color worsened, and became a muddier ashy brown. That's why my colorist resorted to a total color correction, stripping out the old color to lighten my hair, toning it down after it turned yellow, and finishing with a heavy conditioner. Three hours later, I'm still freaking out -- my roots are still black, so back we went to more processing to try to match what stripping the color accomplished to cover up the black and gray roots. Any more processing, and I could have look like my dog chewed it off!

After 4 hours in the stylist chair--no potty break, no water, wine, Coke or coffee--my hair wound up more like it did before, but it was parched dry as toast. My stylist told me to mix up some olive oil and mashed avocado and spread it like butter all over my hair to return the lipids to the hair cuticle. Not moi. I headed straight to my favorite wine spot with my BFF and drowned my hair woes in chardonnay for the night!

Happy hair days to you!


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