Spexy Lady was sitting on the patio sipping a crisp pinot grigio with one of her BFFs and the topic turned to bullying on Facebook. Girls can be pretty bitchy when they want to be, and those teenage to early college years are bitch city! (So glad I have boys, but if I didn't....)

It probably never occurred to those mean girls that what they say could actually be classified as "slander", that's right...communication that is designed to basically ruin another's good name for no reason other than maliciousness. Imagine what would happen if a few parents peeked in on what their daughters' were reading, and others as well. Imagine what would happen if a parent decided to file a lawsuit for slander against the mean girl, and perhaps her parents? Think about it...a parent with deep pockets, or not so deep, but deep enough, gets a copy of the Facebook slam, takes it to her attorney, and goes to town. We've all heard the bullying story that led to a teen suicide.

Spexy Lady is waiting for a few brave parents to step up to the plate and put a stop to "Teen Slander."


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