Spexy Lady chatted up Shag colorist Kelly Ladd recently to check in on hair and makeup tips for our fall interns. Those long locks, ladies, looking hip and hot with skinny jeans and bare little tops, have got to go, Kelly says. Not the look you want to sport when hunting for that hard-to-get internship and first job. Go for longer layers, a chic bob, or gentle flip at the ends.

And those bright platinum streaks? She tones them down to a more natural shade. Highlights and lowlights add texture. With color applied on under layers, you can stretch your beauty budget and wait longer between trips to the salon. Bleached blonde looks great on the beach but ban it for the office in favor of a softer shade.

A tat-fan herself with lots of ink all over her petite little body, Kelly says be sure necklines and sleeves conceal any artwork you've applied. Unless you work in a tatoo salon, or really creative field, like creating video games, or managing a rock band, keep the ink under wraps.

Raccoon eyes, heavily lashed, and smokey, can work the runways, but not the office. Our beauty experts tell us Fall beauty focuses on dramatic eyes and bright lips. A great look to try for nights out, but for the office, Spexy Lady hears tone the eyes down with softer shadows, and a pretty natural lip color. A light foundation or moisturizer and powder for unblemished skin, and touch of shimmer for a youthful glow adds polish to your professional look.

Most important beauty tip, let the real you shine through when you walk through that door for your job interviews, not the "student" you used to be.


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