Maybe you learned this in school when you made a horrible grade and needed to schmooze the professor into cutting you some slack on that failing test grade. If not, Spexy Lady says listen up, schmoozing the boss, or "sucking up" is not a bad thing, unless it's so overt and annoying the boss runs the other way when he or she sees you comin'.

Who doesn't like to be complimented? A good SU (Suck Up) Tactic when used judiciously scores points. Like his tie, her jewelry, her new lipstick? Then say so. Making people feel good and letting people know you notice the details, goes a long way in this cyber-world of impersonal click-and-send interactions. (Say it, by the way, and do not send your compliments via e-mail.)

Who doesn't appreciate an extra hand when the paperwork stacks up like the Rockies, or when the phone's ringing off the hook, or when the coffee room looks like a tornado hit it? Pitch in, with a smile, while the boss is around and can see you're there.

I like to think of the Art of SU as the Art of Personal PR. Trust me, it works.

Suck up Spex-tacularly interns!


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