Indra Nooyi is Spexy's idea of the real deal. She tells like it is. No BS. Shoots straight and takes no prisoners. She's top dog (CEO) at PepsiCo and she scored a big-time interview with WSJ"s Report on "Women in the Economy." She's the kind of person who tells you the truth; not what you want to hear. Imagine what she's like in the board room. You can bet things happen and sparks fly! My bet is she gets things done.

From her rarified perch at PepsiCo, she's a wealth of wisdom for women envisioning themselves someday in her heels.

She makes no bones about how women have a hard time taking negative--read that constructive--criticism from other women. Men? It's not personal. It's locker room talk on how to perform better on the "field." Women need to get over it and accept women mentors. More important, there need to be MORE women mentors. Hello? Where are you? Step in, step up and help your sisters up the rungs to the C-suite.

Ms. Nooyi had some more pearls to share, and not the ones she was wearing for her WSJ interview. When the tough turn-around assignments come along, she advises, "raise your hand." You'll win more than just brownie points for making lemonade out of lemons. Be fearless and volunteer for those difficult jobs, logging each win as another step up the ladder and into the

Churchill had it right when he said,"If you're going through hell, keep going." I have a feeling Ms. Nooyi would agree. There were trade-offs and sacrifices she made along the way. The kind she hopes her daughters don't have to make on their way up. Amen sist-ah!


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