After almost a 2 year hiatus, Spexy Lady is back wielding her mighty "pen" on all things fashion, family, philanthropy, and finance. An odd combination one might say, but if four words could sum up where my life is now... And likely to take me for quite some time... Those words would be the summation.

Who woulda thunk that after all these years as an empty- nester SL would be back on the "what's for dinner, mom" circuit? Statistically some 30 percent of young adults are back home living with their parents, a concept that would have been anathema to most  any boomers like SL. My two precious and adorable ...and sometimes not so adorable... Sons are back under my roof, albeit part-time when a pal's couch is a better choice.

The blessings however of this surprise are many, despite the strain on the checkbook, grocery bill, washer, water bill, and my sanity.  Those size 13 shoes and baseball caps dot the landscape of my perfectly neat entry. They are reminders of the fine young men they have become. They are reminders that they feel safe here to plot their career and post graduate path for their lives, in a world so much more complicated, competitive and violent than the one I faced at their age.

They say "thank you" profusely, reminding me of my insistence they live a life of gratitude and their own blessings will be many.  They bring me my grande skinny vanilla lattes, hand out hugs, and bring their wisdom and savvy to the dinner table. 

This time is short, and for those parents whose finances, home space, and patience are strained by adult children who have moved home, I suggest stepping back and being reminded that there are so many parents who would give anything to be where you are. Parents of soldiers who have died defending our country. Parents whose child left too early to join the angels. Parents whose children are in prison, rehab centers or hospitals. 

Baby bombers with boomerang children are blessed. I am blessed!

Have a spex-tacular February! The month of love.


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