Love the look of a nude leg, but not on you? Do your legs look like a road map? Are you one of those who bruises at slightest touch? If the thought of popping on one of those pretty print dresses you've seen all over the magazines and internet leaves you yearning for perfect legs, help is here!

SL isn't about to paw through her pantyhose drawer with Texas' notorious summer heat. No way! And giving up those feminine flirty dresses for pants? Not gonna happen this season! Dresses are just too divine! Too cute! Too sexy. Too easy-peasy to pop on with a sassy sandal, my fave flip flops, or the cool new espadrilles.

With a very un-sexy 7-inch scar decorating SL's bionic knee,we've come up with solutions to save your leg-baring days!

Sally Hansen Airbrush leg makeup is a life saver! Just spray those legs, gently rub in, paying close attention to the "veiny road maps" and bluish bruises. Looks totally natural.

Need heavier coverage? Love Joan Rivers' "Right to Bare Legs" cover-up we found on Amazon. Truly ace camo!

Got great gams, but looking like two pieces of chalk? Tan 'em up with SL's absolute fave self-tanner from Xen-Tan, going darker for that just from the beach look. Find it on QVC, at Neiman Marcus or online at

Now go shopping... for that cute little dress you've been craving! And bare those spex-tacular legs!



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