Fit to a Tee: The Perfect White T-shirt

The search is on for summer's perfect white t-shirt. One would assume this basic would be easy to find. SL feels a bit like Goldilocks looking for the right this or that in her still-unsolved quest for "perfection" in one of the most under-rated basics in your closet. As a woman of a certain age--SL's body is hardly akin to those shown on virtually every online fashion site--fit and fabric are priorities. 
Finding a T-shirt that feels soft, without feeling like pajamas (like the $40 one SL bought and returned from Aritzia), or that doesn't pill after one washing (ditto the $9.99 number from H&M)
or that doesn't reveal every ripple, bump, and bra-back (think, the $24 J.Crew style that was both sheer, low-cut and skinny-tight even in SL's 2 sizes up), is becoming an exercise in futility!
Surely not, you would say! Unlike the perfect pair of jeans, a basic white T-shirt should be a no-brainer. It's a no-goer so far.
But in her usual persistent manner, and "rose-colored glasses" view of the world, SL is determined to find her perfect white Tee--one that will replace the yellowed, threadbare ones she has tossed out of her ridiculously full closet. This easy-fitting $75 cotton style from Vince  (at right) might do the job--but why should SL have to pay $75 for a basic white T-shirt?
And so, the search continues. When SL finds it, she'll share her good news. In the meantime, she's resorting to least it doesn't yellow!

Happy T-shirt Hunting!


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