Cover the girls

Have a little more girls in front than your deep V-necks cover? If you heat up like I do, year round because, you know... then you probably aren't crazy about layering up your scoopy cute tops with a knit cami. Found the perfect cleavage cover...Chickies by Jules and Meg...remember dickies that we used to pop over our heads to layer under our preppy V-neck sweaters? If you don't remember, ask your mother (does that date me...alack!). Check out Chickies at These clever cover-ups clip onto your bra strap, and cover just the front. The back is open and held with a narrow strap that attaches in back. Just the ticket for those easy on, (easy off) wrap and go dresses. Wear Chickies in the office, slip them off for drinks and dinner. He'll definitely see past your specs!


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