Brand New Eyes

Anybody in marketing? Own your own company? Personal branding is becoming the next "hot thing," and we can probably thank our Celeb Set for that.

Think of Paloma Picasso, that divine designer for Tiffany. She's always photographed wearing her jet black hair slicked back away from her face to flash an amazingly wide smile, lips rimmed in the brightest red (probably Chanel) lipstick. It's been her signature look for more than 20 years! Think of Carrie Donovan, The New York Times' beloved fashion editor, whose thick round glasses instantly identified her.

With all the fab spex out there, how about picking a pair that's "You" and wearing them for all your important meetings and networking events.

Are you a black and white gal, then go for some very cool black and white striped spex. Look for the black and white striping on the temple pieces.

Are you passionate about purple? Pick a pair in a subtle treatment with the color on the upper portion of rimless glasses.

Spex have become what hats once were in making a statement. Oh...and while your shopping, tell them Spexy Lady sent you!

Have a spex-tacular time finding your brand new You!


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