Home Depot Beauty Tip

Is red red? Is blue blue? There are a bazillion shades of color. And lighting makes all the difference in the world whether a red is a tomato red, a pepper red, a cherry red, a rose red, etc. etc.

In a previous life Spexy Lady was in the advertising game and learned a few tips about color. Lo and behold, while poking through light bulbs at Home Depot, what should she find but those curly energy-saving bulbs in a Daylight version! She heard echoes of her art director advising her to view fashion slides ONLY under a "daylight" slide box!

For true color, Daylight bulbs are what you want over your bathroom vanity to give you the truest shades of lip, nail and eye shadow when you are coordinating your makeup to your new spring outfit! Daylight bulbs give you essentially the same light as you would have outside in sunlight, so that when you leave your house you really will be wearing coral lipstick and not a screaming orange!

I bought several of these puppies for the weekend bulb switcheroo. Oh...and by the way...if you're worried about these whiter bulbs lighting up your wrinkles, don't look so closely in the mirror!!

If you have overhead light bulbs in your closet, switch out those yellow-y dogs with these more color-accurate Daylight ones for mixing and matching your separates.

Daylight bulbs make finding navy among the blacks alot easier! (Spexy Lady has been known to run out the door with one navy pump on one foot and a "matching" black one on the other foot!)

I couldn't help but share this tip with the cute guys in the light bulb department at Home Depot! Hope you'll pass it along too!

Have a spex-tacular spring!


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