It's The Little Things

Mother's Day came and went, but the warm, grateful feelings still linger, even as the dryer spins out the 11th load of laundry from youngest son's formidable pile he dumped on the reading room floor.

It has been a long 7 years since my sons were both home for Mother's Day...and Spexy Lady embraced every moment. I was glad to have laundry to sons both arrived safe and sound at 3 a.m. on a Saturday morning having driven a 14-15 hour trip in just under 12 hours. How many parents have waited just like I did for their children to come home from college only to receive a devastating phone call. Their son or daughter wouldn't be needing anyone to do their laundry anymore. Several mothers I know received one of those calls at the end of their child's school year. Flying home for the comfort and love moms seem to provide in unlimited quantities.

Nope...No complaints here. I am glad to be washing sticky bowls of dried on cheese dip. Throwing smelly flip-flops and sneakers into a basket by the door. And doing laundry for my sons who made it home--safe and sound--for Mother's Day.

Hold them close.


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