To The Point

Spexy Lady has been known to be a little long-winded, but a little clip from talk radio got my attention!

The story goes that an employee who was known to write very long e-mails, to the chagrin of co-workers and boss alike, had an Issue, as they say, at work.

This Issue needed the attention of the boss, so our wordy employee writes an e-mail to his boss seeking an answer to the Issue. The boss, known for his impatience, and "get to the point" attitude, receives the employee's e-mail, imploring him for a response.

He looks...note...he does not read...he LOOKS at the e-mail. And he responds quickly to the employee. What do you suppose the boss says in his e-mail after not reading the employee's

The boss responds...."SHORTER."

Let's hope the employee got the message.

The next time that irritating, gets-under-your skin co-worker, relative, neighbor... writes you a long, long e-mail bordering on the sequel to Gone With the Wind...consider the one-word response.


The next time, perhaps, they'll get to the point quickly in a few sentences or less.

Say it spex-tacularly...short and sweet!


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