One of Spexy Lady's fave beverages is prosecco, that Italian sparkling wine that is such a spirit lifter after one of those Mercury In Retrograde we're having this month. Now there's a new must-have chill-pill...a cloudy, pina-colada colored Nigori Saki discovered at Kenichi- --Dallas' destination for more than a hundred different saki varieties, most you won't find anywhere else but Kenichi...or Japan.

What a gem this little bit of Japanese heaven is on Victory Park Lane, located just down the street from Victory Park's W Hotel in downtown Dallas. The fried calamari strips to go with Tozai Saki were delish. And the marinated squid, even more amazing, perfect with Kenichi's Hyogo saki.

Saki, my BFF and I learned, is best served cold! It's best not stored over a year. And it's best when savored, not gulped down like a bottle of Bud.

For something a bit out of the way, more exciting that a burger and a movie, take yourself and a few of your BFFS on a fantasy trip to Japan, and slip inside Kenichi. You can spend an entire evening with their saki sommalier learning more than you could ever imagine about this divine rice-derived adult beverage. Don't lose count, though, the 14-18% alcohol content can sneak up on ya fast!

Maybe I'll see ya there soon!


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