Spex-enomics: The Manolo Money Fund

Spexy Lady can't imagine herself not wearing sexy spex and stilettos til the day she's pushing up daisies. Can't imagine not jetting off to locales exotic til the day I'm wheeled to the gate. And simply can't imagine not hitting Last Call at Neiman's every season.

So Spexy Lady has set up the Manolo Money Fund for her Golden Years. (Someone challenged me about not giving equal time to Jimmy...oh well.)

It all started many, many, years back, when Spexy Lady had so much on her mind--hung over employees, two babes with chicken pox, a secretary who failed to show up for work to became a fitness icon with white spikey hair, and an office manager who ran off with a month's operating budget...details.

Brain overload.

She couldn't remember which bank account she had, and how much was in each account, until one day she received a bank statement with money in an account she had set up forever ago. Found money.

In the lexicon of Suze Orman, the money would be called EMERGENCY FUNDS. In the lexicon of Spex-enomics, the fund would be called THE MANOLO MONEY FUND. Of course, a case could be made that one could have a Manolo Blahnik emergency.

Moving right along...Spexy Lady highly recommends having more than one bank account, and opening this new bank account online, or at a reputable (yes, reputable, as there are some buggers still closing), and squirreling away a few hundred bucks ...or more if you have it. Online banks, like ING Bank, make it really easy to stowe it away for stilettos, and there usually aren't bank charges. Spexy Lady simply transferred bank funds from her big bank account...one of the nice ones that paid back all their TARP money...and put it into an online bank account.

Once you pop those funds in, you're done. Forget about it! Leave it alone. Do not touch it. Don't worry about it. Let go and Let God. This is Plan B money. The Manolo Money Fund. Your little safety net. You'll rest easy at night knowing that when the right Manolo shows up, you'll be ready with cash in hand!

It's simple spex-enomics! Works for me!


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