10,000 HOURS

Practice makes perfect, or so Spexy Lady's dear, sweet mama once told her when she was pounding away on the piano. But apparently that really is true, according to Malcomb Gladwell that guru of contemporary thought, trends, and whatever else boggles our mind...remember "Tipping Point" and "Blink"? If you've never heard of either, you probably are living under a rock.

Gladwell's new book, "Outliers" is a must read, if nothing else but to challenge what you might think makes millionaire's billionaires, and ordinary people, extraordinary. The key take-away on this quick read is success takes hard, hard, HARD work...10,000 hours to be exact of deliberate practice with the intention to be the best.

"Practice --that is purposefully and single-mindedly playing their instruments with the intent to get better," Gladwell says.

Start early and never, ever, ever give up. Or as Nike says, "Just Do It."

Here's to the countdown....


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