It just occurred to me, as the mother of two amazing young men, that guys are getting a bad rap. Everywhere.

Guys really do ask for directions when lost.

Guys really do put down the seat.

Guys really do remember birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Guys really do wash dishes.

Guys really do stroll through art galleries even when there's a Cowboys game on the tube.

Guys really do say "I'm sorry, I was wrong."

Guys really are getting a bad rap, from the bumbling bad boys depicted on TV to the "clueless" in the kitchen commercials they suffer through, or probably zap, to couch potatoes selling chips and beer while they and their Bubba buddies are glued to the tube.

Spexy Lady is mounting her campaign on behalf of all those guys who defy those stereotypes and simply don't deserve it. I've met plenty who really do all of those things! Really!

Guys are spex-tacular! Give 'em a break!


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