How did our interns fare this summer? Accolades all around. Light bulb moments, when one intern comments: "By the time you get ready for work, hit the freeway to make it to work on time, get through a full day, then hit the freeway to go back home, and grab a work-out at the gym, it's a full 12 to 14 hour day!"

SpexyLady pops back, "Welcome to the real world!" The good news is no tests, no papers, no snooze-worthy profs, just a paycheck if you're one of the lucky interns who scored a paying gig this summer, and a great addition to the resume.

Quick takeaways on what our interns learned:
  • How to meet deadines
  • How to communicate with clients effectively
  • Going beyond the extra mile wins lots of brownie points with the boss
  • How to do cold calls without going cold on the call
  • Where to find the best lunch nibbles on a budget
  • How to balance a social life, summer school, and staying buff and trim
And then there were the other important takeaways:
  • How to mask your weekend hangover on Monday morning
  • How to make a 30 minute drive in 15 when you sleep through the alarm
  • How to come up with a believable excuse for taking a day off
All important lessons for the real jump into the job world next year!

Bravo to all the spex-tacular interns this summer!


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