Spexy Lady has had her share of amazing coaches along life's journey...a great volleyball coach, winning sailing team coach, and invaluable life coach.

Now that the flab of the '50s was setting in and totally devastating the look of those fab fashions lined up in Spexy's closet, it was time to call in a pro. A quick call to clinical nutritionist, fitness guru, and stunning TV health celebrity, Laura Lewis, Spexy is on her way to fighting the flab fat-gram style. Amazing what those almonds have in them! A quick afternoon pick up that's just loaded in fat! Or how about the tortilla chips at my favorite Mexican foot haunt, hard to stop after one! Fat gram heaven!

And cheese -- talk about who's moving my cheese these days, it's Coach Lewis. The cheese had been moving right out of the fridge and onto the muffin tops. It's gotta go, says the Coach, along with a laundry list of other hidden gremlins, like salad dressings, even low-fat (wink, wink) on those salads I'd been ordering for lunch.

Rabbit food is rabbit food. Do you know any rabbits that consume salad dressing?

Coach Lewis has her work cut out for her. Spexy Lady has to come clean with the cheating allowed. And fat grams? How about 20 to start. And calories, we're talking 1200. Add to all that, exercise, cardio and some weights...and not the kind of weight that comes from carrying bags of groceries filled with all my favorite cheeses and wines from Whole Foods.

Time to move the buns and muffins away from the screen and dash off now for a spex-tacular fast-walk with my four-legged BFF Holly Berry.


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