It took a recent article in the Wall Street Journal to get Spexy Lady off her posture-perfect chair parked in front of her computer to move more. "Arthur" better known as osteoarthritis, has become my constant companion living in the right knee after downing too many blue-greens on Beaver Creek's Centennial ski run back in the good ol' days.

You'd think giving Arthur a rest would be just what the doc ordered. Not. You'd think those shark pills--oops, Glucosamine supplements, would be the magic bullet. Not. And you'd think a daily dose of Advil Extra Strength or Aleve would do the trick. Not.

Exercise says a recent WSJ article is the answer, couch potatoes! It juices up the cartilage in your joints, maintains mobility, and keeps Arthur from barking so loudly! Good options: pilates (we've taken it up and love it!), Tai Chi, Yoga (not that hot yoga guaranteed to put SL in traction), swimming, biking, and simply walking. And shall we also mention shopping? Arthur loves a 30-minute stroll through the mall scouting out Spring's latest and greatest.

Moving the bod. That's what the smart docs are ordering up. "Cause if you don't move, you won't move." And who wants to go shopping with a walker? Not this chic chick!

Have a spex-tacular week walking!


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