Slow but sure, women are making some headway, finally, on joining the Board Room good old boys.

April's Wall Street Journal report on "Women in the Economy" had some discouraging news that women had lost ground, and fewer women were on boards over the last year.

Thanks to the WSJ's tracking, women grabbed a record number of new board seats in the second quarter of this year. The good news...48% of 116 new board seats went to women, and 34% of newly elected directors were female.

Perhaps the big wigs in those corner offices read the April WSJ "Women in the Economy" report, and took to heart what heavy hitter female CEOS had to say about board positions, and getting more women in those rarefied corner offices.

Spexy Lady will continue to lobby and rattle chains to get more women on board in the Board Room.

Congratulations to the new female board members!


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