It's that time again! Making that list of resolutions, choking down black eyed peas (canned if you cheat like MOI), and adding cabbage for good luck and good measure (coleslaw from the grocery deli works for SL!).

Looking back, did you achieve those goals? Did you do what you promised? Did you do any of those things you jotted down Jan. 1, 2011?

SL looks back, and sure 'nuf, having fun was No.1 on the list, and she did it in spades! Traveled solo (not so much fun), joined a gym and took pilates, and thanks to the holidays GAINED 8 lbs., not lost any (not so good).

What's more "fun" than standing in the TSA line at the airport getting frisked by Brunehilda? Getting to your destination.

This year it was Spexy's year to fly! Beaver Creek in January to eat mounds of chocolate. April to Florida for martinis on the sugar beaches of Long Boat Key. May to the deserts of Tucson. June to party with the Sis-tahs in the Colorado Rockies and bid mom 'good-bye' down the South Platte River. July beach bumming in Laguna. August to Boulder to channel those college move-in days. October to Halloween in Tubac, AZ.

And finally! The dash to the last of 2011-- a 3-city trip. Boston, Charleston and Breckenridge, Colo, all in one week! Now that's my kind of year!

Too bad Spexy didn't have all those flights on AA to run up the miles.

So what can top 2011?

2012 is the year of the knee -- is that a Chinese symbol? Thanks to a back-hand return gone bad, and years of skiing on that repaired knee with the Frankenstein scar, it's time for the latest and greatest new knee! A Triathalon Knee that should be ready for the slopes by next Christmas. Through the miracle of technology, a very, very cool and pretty cute knee surgeon, and lots of pain meds, Spexy should be back in 5-inch Manolos, and the newest Rossignol skis this time next year.

This is the big resolution this year: get back on the slopes, and conquer the greens! With visions of perfectly groomed runs, diamond-sparkling snow-covered pines, and chic new ski garb, Spexy Lady is pumped (no Manolo pun intended!) for 2012.

Like the song, "Seasons of Love" from "Rent" notes, there are 525,600 minutes in a year. How do you measure a year?

Yours truly is going to measure every minute closer to Beaver Creek's Haymeadow Bunny Slope!

How will you measure your year?

Happy Spex-tacular 2012!


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