Steve Harvey's hotter than hot new film, "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man," puts a whole new spin on this Battle of the Sexes thing. Seeing it recently really made SL think about what it means to "think like a man."

Breaking through the glass ceiling meant to "think like a man". Learning how to "assert yourself" without looking like the "B-word" meant to "think like a man". Sucking it up, no tears EVER in the office, no PTO with excuses like my kid is sick,  all meant to "think like a man."

After all, wasn't the whole point to be thought of as "one of the boys" around the conference table or in the board room? And ultimately, wasn't the goal to get paid the same as the guy in the next cubicle, and promoted on the same playing field?

Harvey's not talking about that kind of "thinking-- in fact that kind of "thinking" is what he makes a point of saying in the movie is exactly what you DON'T want to do in your personal life if you hope to find the man of your dreams...and not the one of your nightmares!

Though the movie pokes fun at the usual male and female stereotypes, there are some clear messages that her highness and most unrealistic SL heard loud and clear. Men need to feel needed and wanted. The same could be said for women.

Loved the "Lauren" character, with her highpowed COO job, fancy penthouse apartment, Manolos (for sure), sleek silver Benz, her driven style -- the kind that drives guys away. And her "standards" -- unrealistic at best, disasterous in the end. She learned, as hopefully all of us "ceiling shatterers" have or will learn, that it's the heart of the guy, not the heart of his bank account that really matters. Thanks Mr. Harvey for reminding us what really makes a good match. There's no perfect guy, no perfect gal. Amen to that!

Wishing you Spex-tacular success in love!


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