BEING SINGLE: It's Highly Underrated

Being engaged or married for over 30 years consecutively, the thought of being single after the great divide was terrifying. Spexy Lady's over-abundance of confidence and moxie turned quickly to mush.

Who would take the trash out on an icy winter night? Who would hang the pictures or replace the light bulbs in 10 foot ceilings? What would SL do if she heard a bump in the night and the dogs slept through it? And worst of all, how could she go out and eat by herself at night instead of pulling up to the nearest fast food drive through.

It didn't happen overnight: this "independent and proud of it" lifestyle. It took gazillions of minutes, untold glasses of wine, lots of boxes of Kleenx and a tiny circle of friends cheering her on to her
eventual comfort and enjoyment of The Single Life.

As the world has lost the ultimate proponent of the single girl, Helen Gurley Brown who died this week at the ripe old age of 90, commenting on SL's own Single Girl status couldn't be more timely. But this Single Life is a far cry from The Sex Godess HGB wrote about in the early '70s.

This life is about finding your joy, your strength, and letting life unfold, rather than waiting for the knight in shining armor to drive up in a BMW convertible.

Taking out the trash? Got it down. Just bundle up and wear boots. Light bulbs? Got a really tall ladder. That bump in the night? Keep the lights on all night and got a loud Rottweiler mix rescue pup. Dinner alone? Working on that one. Delivery works just fine.

Thank you Helen, and good-bye from all of us single girls from the '70s who idolized you!

Single and Still Spexy after all these years!


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