There's nothing like sipping a top-shelf margarita on the beach at sunset gazing out over the tides as they roll in, and as the pool party crowd rolls out to deck out for the evening.

Traveling solo is an adventure, and SL decided to give it a try at one of Cancun's luxury resorts by the sea, Sandos Cancun this April for much needed R & R.

Thinking positively, SL packs her single carry-on with a few chic never know who you might meet in the buffet line! Cancun calls for those beach prints from Peter Pilottocollection for Target...the iris swing tunic, the iris matching maillot swimsuit, a DVF scarf to wear as a pareo  and of course the orange batik Theodora and Callum scarf for the black Miracle Suit. White and black leggings, a couple of roll 'me up maxi dresses, throw in some fun costume jewels and it's good to go for a week. Surprise. The tatted up and gym shorts and t-shirts crowd at this young couples retreat weren't quite what this lady expected! Fashionable? Not. A 5-star? Not quite.

So, SL just curled up with a good read, covered up with a straw hat, the  Prada sunglasses, her Target swimsuit and a t-shirt and she chalked it up to another one of her unplanned, spontaneous adventures.

The verdict after 6 days and 5 nights...not for moi. While it's nice to be on your own wake-up schedule, and not have to share counterspace on a tiny vanity, albeit beautiful and marble, having your BFF or BFFs along is far preferable to being hit on at the bar by charming young fellows -- your sons' ages. Flattering yes, but seriously? It's far preferable to being "invisible" at the pool bar (bar staff figure guys tip bigger???). Far preferable to being accosted numerous times in the hotel lobby to buy a time share. And far preferable to having conversations with Siri and your smartphone at dinner.

Despite the downsides of this trip, you can't beat the Mexican Caribbean, all the margaritas you can drink (which SL is convinced is the secret to beating Montezuma's Revenge), plus never-ending ceviche and guacamole. Just give this gal a good book, an attentive pool boy to bring on the drinks and nibbles, and SL's happy as a clam...wherever she goes. But next time...she'll have one of her chatty BFFs along for the ride!

Wishing you spex-tacular travels all summer!



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