FASHION: It's not about money

Some of the most fashionable women I know are those of modest means. They don't live in fancy houses in prestige zip codes. They aren't in the pages of the social sections. They don't do "selfies" in the city's hotspots. And they don't cover themselves in designer labels. Yet they manage to exude a sense of style, elegance and class that is on trend always yet never trendy.

Okay, sweet ones, what's their secret? They know WHO they are, and they know their bodies with all its flaws. They've accepted the inevitable, that they are no longer 28, and won't ever be again. They've come to grips with the bulges, the wrinkles and the road maps of veins criss-crossing  their legs. But they still want to look current, modern, and as young as they feel inside.

And whether they have the big bucks or not, they don't feel they have to prove anything by propping up their egos with someone else's logos. Their own logo is fine, thank you very much.

Eileen Fisher's easy linen look is
agelessly chic. Wear it with attitude.
They have the confidence to combine an Eileen Fisher pant with a Gap t-shirt with a chic pair of ballet flats, an armload of well collected bracelets, and adding a vintage lime green hobo bag they pulled from the bowels of their closet. Fashionable, on trend, au currant? You bet! Did they spend a fortune? No way.

Whether you're a Baby Boomer or baby of a Boomer, fashion is about an attitude, an eye, and a true sense of who you are worn with a nod ... Not a bow-down the trend of the day.

Look for musings on la mode du jour from SL as she spies on her fashionable BBC's (Baby Boomer Contemporaries) throughout the summer. A few Do's and Don'ts we can all use.
Have a summer of spex-tacular style!


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