SPACING OUT: Beauty Biz With Style

Closed: Office of Makeup Training Academy
 in Ikea Laminates closed up neat like a box.

Open: Compact, organized, sleek, the Ikea
office for Makeup Training Academy is
ready for another work day.
It's easy to have a great idea for a business. Quite another to bring that brilliance to fruition. Few of us are trust fund babies or have won the lottery to have plenty of cash to dump into our dream business. Most of us boot-strap it, max out the credit cards, and live on beans to get the biz going. Outfitting the new office digs can get pricey if you check out those cool Knoll showrooms in the Design District.

But there's a way to cut the corners without slicing the style.
SL's in love with this economical, chic and sleek office option she stumbled upon visiting Dallas' new Makeup Training Academy office. Surprise! It's all from Ikea! Who woulda thunk! They don't just make cool stuff for the dorm or that teeny, tiny first apartment.
Ikea's office modules in cloud-white laminate mimic the look and feel of gorgeous Ornare laminates, the rich and famous adore.

Makeup Training Academy trains makeup artists at neat well-lit stations circling the small open studio space, and sells its exclusive MUD line and Terri Tomlinson Makeup 101 pro-quality palettes of lip, eye, and foundation color to those of us who like to play at home and do our own face painting.

Smart thinking on the part of Terri, this budget-wise owner, to create a space that's spare, modern, simple, and where the real art and decoration are the beautifully made-over and made-up clients who have followed her as she built her dream to its recent opening in the Addison Circle hot spot.

We love seeing this kind of energy, determination, and creativity! Reminds SL of her earlier entrepreneurial days when she combed the high-priced designer lines only to have the look she craved recreated in custom laminated pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Congratulations on Terri's spex-tacular style and biz savvy!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Love the white glossy look. Love the Besta modular shelving from Ikea.

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