SAG HARBOR: Surprisingly Serene and Friendly

Sipping a skinny margarita on the patio of The Harlow and watching
the yachts motor in for the 4th of July festivities in The Hamptons.
Visiting The Hamptons and Sag Harbor for the first time brought to life not only the backdrop for one of my favorite couch potato escapes, the television series, Revenge, but also the life I imagined Gatsby lived. Beautiful, sprawling mansions set back from meticulously manicured hedges contrasted with the flat expanse of farmland, and the requisite Mercedes, BMW and Porsche dealerships. From the din of Manhattan, where 3 days left my nerves fried, SL and her BFF boarded The Hampton Jitney, a surprisingly comfy purple tour bus where free wi-fi on board kept everyone occupied. It was the best 30 bucks I'd spent while in The Big Apple!

Two and a half hours later, we're deposited in front of the historic American Hotel across from  charming boutiques hawking shorts, swimsuit cover ups and flip flops; a coffee shop; and old theatre still playing the latest flicks.

Black Range Rovers and Mercedes greeted friends visiting from the City, while we wait for a cab, that can only be described as something out of a scary B-movie.  I chalked our day trip up to my
thirst for a little adventure and perverse desire to see if The Hamptons was really all that. Well, at least this part of The Hamptons is.

Who wouldn't want to take a drive over the bridge to Shelter Island, or stroll down the leisurely path to the beach?  Who wouldn't want to sip the best margarita in town at The Muse on the patio with the 20-something couples and chatty mother-daughter duos.
Surprisingly, there was a sweet small town quality that was genuinely appealing. None of the snobby attitude, prevailing in the tonier South and East Hampton villages. Sag Harbor was the sort of place kids still rode bicycles down the street and where the chummy bartender at The Harlow was happy to dish on celebrities in town for the 4th of July. Even the Sag Harbor Hotel harkened back to long-gone simpler times with their hand-written list of guests coming in for the weekend.

One night was enough to whet my appetite for a return trip. But SL won't be calling any Sag Harbor cabs. She'll be renting a car when The Jitney drops her back on the island. The better to see how the other half live!

Wishing you spex-tacular travels this summer!


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