THE INTERN DIARIES: Good-Bye Harvey Wallbanger

Back in the day, Spexy Lady actually was an intern. Life lessons came at me like a fast ball.

As soon as I thought I'd learned one thing, I'd get hit with another. Mom always said stuff like this builds character. I wouldn't have admitted it then, but I can now admit, she was right as rain.

Take the time I was given the undeserved job as an editor over about 6 writers, and production staff of 5. My tough as nails approach (hiding my complete insecurity in the job) led me to driving away the best writer to our competition. Skills in diplomacy, the art of compassion, and just plain common sense would have helped.

Or how about the Monday mornings when the escalator up to my office looked like a moving noodle after too many Harvey Wallbangers the night before partying with friends? I quickly learned the hard way through the loss of plum assignments and proofing mistakes, my college partying days were a thing of the past. And so were Harvey Wallbangers. Can't remember the last time I had one of those.

Later, now in the ranks of corporate, more lessons awaited. A stinging pass-over for a big promotion etched into Spexy's cute little brain the importance of rank, knowing the rules for corporate politics and playing the game to win, not lose, as this rather loud-mouthed, self-possessed 20-something that I was. Those games are played best around the conference table, and are won by the wise, and lost by the clueless. Spexy's nemesis went on to be VP, then President, because she knew the rules. Spexy opted out, started her own company, and now shares her war stories to spare other bright young things from similar pain. 

Tip from the men who mentored me: "Up The Organization" is still a valid business tome in corporate America. Read it or weep.

In the end, the best lessons learned come out of The School of Hard Knocks. Spexy Lady has earned an honorable Ph.D, and is working on her second doctorate.

Embrace your lessons Spex-tacularly!



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