CAREER WOMAN: Forging New Paths

Back in the "day" when SL was tromping the streets of Dallas in search of the perfect post-graduation job, career options for women were pretty much "old school." Admin? Check. Nurse? Check. Secretary? Double-check. Retail sales clerk? Check.

But not one to follow the rules or the road, SL took a different tack. Journalist? Maybe. PR? Glorified baby-sitter, they said. Entrepreneur? Who are you kidding? Go home and go to lunch with your friends, "he" said. Not!

Today, the advice and career choices are endless for women. I didn't say "easy." I didn't say "automatic." I didn't say "without a few sacrifices." In 2015, times, thankfully, are beginning to change.

Civil engineer? You bet! Jet pilot? Of course! Plastic surgeon? Absolutely! Biotech researcher? Yes, indeed! PR Agency Owner? Been there, done that, and SL's has the rarified Seven-Figure Club badge and battle-scars to show for it. And "baby-sitting" was what SL did with her two fabulous babies after the nanny called it a day at 6.

While there are plenty of young women opting out of the job market early to raise families, there are legions of women of all creeds, cultures and faiths who are leaning in (to borrow high-tech maven Sheryl Sandberg's phrase) to forge new career paths in Boys Club fields.

In SL's storied agency history -- suitable for a soap opera in some cases -- we sought out the courageous women entrepreneurs who were blazing trails. A female plastic surgeon who was among a handful in the state of Texas. A civil engineer whose company played a key role in Dallas light rail construction. An African-American woman-owned cosmetics company, one of the first in DFW. They inspired our team, as well as the community of women in our city.

Now we pay it forward to encourage, and coach the next crop of pathfinders who will do the same some day.

To learn the latest top careers for women and to see how far we are coming...yes small steps in those stilettos, ladies, but nonetheless forward...check this out:

Have a spex-tacular day! And remember, please pay it forward!


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