Paying It Forward to The Next Generation

One of the joys of teaching and volunteering is being able to pass on what we have learned in our careers and life in general. The real student is the "teacher" learning from the younger generation. As an adjunct professor at SMU and volunteer for Fashion Group International of Dallas, I'm constantly in awe of this new Millennial generation who have a true passion for the fashion industry. Each year FGI Dallas sponsors its annual Fashion Scholarship Awards program giving away thousands of dollars in scholarships to students who enter their fashion designs into the competition. These are the fashion leaders of tomorrow, who will bring the fresh perspectives so needed in an industry often found to be resistant to change from the inside. And for my Fashion Media majors at SMU, I am equally amazed at their dogged determination to excel and push themselves beyond the limits, sometimes even sacrificing their health for that A-grade. Every semester it's hard to say good-bye to these wonderful young women. As mentors, bosses, and parents, we have a duty to nurture these eager creative souls, not crush their spirits with harsh criticism, but guide, inspire and motivate knowing that somewhere along the line, someone probably did that for us.

Wishing you a spex-tacular week!


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